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Coco Digital Animations

The studio is located in Switzerland since 2001 and creates 3D Digital Effects and Animations. I just completed the digital effects for "The Halloween Pranksta" (2014), directed by Carl Paolino and co-produced by Mark Hamill. In 2014 I completed the work on ANORI Wind from North . I work with Cinema 4D, LightWave 3D, Modo, Z-Brush, Blender, Photoshop and After Effects. Since July 2013 I have the honor to be part of MAXON’s betatester team.

The newest 3D Animations Project from Coco Digital Animations is ANORI Wind from North . Watch the Film.

Anori Wind from North is a 3D animation film. The film is produced by Coco Digital Animations.
The final film is 7 minutes long. The story is about a deep friendship between Yuko (Inuit) and Anori (Young polar bear)
Yuko rescues Anori from the clutches of hunters. Anori become a faithful companion of Yuko, but the end will come unexpected and sudden. The Production will be done with Maxon Cinema 4D. The compositing with After Effects.